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Happy and Productive as Remote Team: A Panel Discussion by We Are Online

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that many people all of a sudden found themselves to be working in a remote setup. They had little to no time to prepare nor did they get the chance to test it out in a secure environment. That’s why on March 20, Silicon Garden hosted a first-aid meetup with the We Are Online team. We invited four international speakers with diverse backgrounds in working remotely. They discussed how to organize remote work in a team context and ensure happy, productive employees, especially in times of a pandemic.

Our panel consisted of these four inspiring speakers:

  • June Bolneo, a Remote Work Advocate, Globalization Lead at Grow Remote and Founder of Work Remote, talked about how you can keep your team productive during a pandemic, remotely.

  • Gonçalo Hall, the Founder of the Remote Work Movement Podcast, Remote Work evangelist and Digital Nomad, discussed how you can use remote teamwork to become a far better team and company than you might have ever thought possible

  • Michael Laussegger, who is an Agile Product Coach & Remote Work Advocate, talked about how to nurture positive relationships with employees and team members that only improved even more thanks to remote work

  • Nora Goerne, a UX Designer & Remote Work Advocate, emphasized the importance of selecting a remote leader who makes the decisions when it comes to the strategy, tools and organization when transitioning to remote work.

The panel was moderated by Oliver Perner, Enterprise Agile Coach and Management Consultant, and featured sketchnoting by Esther Schramm, Scrum Master, Coach and Consultant at Schwerpunkt Mindful Communication.

In our discussion, we wanted to utilize the power of the remote work community and help those that were pushed into remote work all too suddenly. There’s a substantial difference between choosing to work remotely under normal circumstances versus being forced to in times of a pandemic. It’s from this angle that we approach various issues, problems and challenges:

  • How to have and nurture productive, approachable and happy team members

  • How to find the right balance between human needs such as empathy, communication, focus time and alignment, coordination and productivity

  • How to create and maintain agile teams that have always relied heavily on face-to-face communication

  • Which tools can help to create agile, remote, productive and happy teams

For many reasons, remote work is here to stay but it is important to be aware of the possible risks and problems it might create for teams who might not be used to working remotely. However, with the right tools suited to your needs and the right mindset, you’ll find that it doesn’t have to be such a daunting challenge and in the long run, will ensure that your company comes out of the pandemic stronger and more agile.

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